Dwight Muskita

Welcome to my website…..

Live Performances/Tours

Dutch Indonesian All Stars (Java Jazz Festival Indonesia 2014)
Stevie Wonder European Tour 2010
Rosa King and Upside Down
Wolter Kroes
Lee Towers (Curacao)
Lois Lane (part of Dutch Indonesian All Stars)
Danny Malando Orchestra (China and Germany)
Danjil and Friends (Java Jazz Festival Indonesia 2010)
Will Nuruwe and Friends
Sonny's Inc.
Fun Avenue
Crucial Groove
Paolo Passionato & the Pennies From Heaven

Sonic Surfers
Franky Session Band
The Gypsy's
Usual Way
Philips at the IFA convention in Berlin 2001
Rene Engel Band
Theatrical Play "Pohon Harta" (Acting / Musician)
2 Bass Hit (re-named Lugzini)

Demo/Solo Perfromances
Hair Convention (Hayashi)
Tour Turkey (With DJ)
Percussion Group "Toto Buang"
Percussion Clinic Tour (with world renowned percussionist Ron Powell)
Percussion workshops for various Company's